An on-tap supply of soon-to-be lawyers. Ready to jump right in and get things done.

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What does ProtoLawyer do?

If it’s not work for a lawyer, then don't pay for a lawyer. Use a ProtoLawyer instead.

Every legal team has low value (quasi-admin) work that needs to get done.

We have a pool of final year law students (we call themProtoLawyers) to take on your low-value work. They are ready at a moment’s notice, for as long as you need.

Intelligent. Eager. Carefully chosen. Trained for in-house.

ProtoLawyer works in two ways.

Option 1: Hassle free secondment—You manage them.

We employ them. No need to advertise, on-board or check CVs (extra bonus: they are not considered head count).

Your office or remotely.

Turn the tap on and off… send them back whenever it suits.

Option 2: Send us the job—We manage them.

If you don't have time to manage them, send us the work and we will coordinate it.

Same rate. Less hassle. Fully supervised by our team.

Examples where ProtoLawyers can help: due diligence, litigation preparation, data room tasks, FOI, research, document chasing, formatting, pulling together a report… perfect when you need someone sharp but don’t need a qualified lawyer.

Who is ProtoLawyer?

ProtoLawyer is symbiotic. In-house legal teams need low-value work performed at the right cost and the next generation of lawyers need a chance to shine.

ProtoLawyer is affiliated with Engo, which provides legal efficiency services using theories from disciplines outside of the law to implement leaner ways of working for in-house legal teams.

Engo frees legal teams using longer-term solutions so they can focus on high-value work … but when an extra pair of hands is needed ProtoLawyer is the answer.

ProtoLawyers are trained by Engo to E1 level. They hit the ground running with an in-house mindset.

ProtoLawyers are 82% cheaper than a junior lawyer.

"The concept of getting final law students at the drop of a hat to handle our paralegal work is great. The simplicity of being able to throw anything at this group of people works really well."

Mark Miller

Legal Director

Bendigo Bank

"This type of experience is perfect. I get parachuted into different jobs and clients – it’s great to have dynamic experience like this early in my career. When my friends ask what I do I say it’s a bit like emergency relief – so it’s rewarding and it’s paid!…"

Beza Eyoel

Law Student

University of Adelaide

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